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About Gamefox

Full service from A to Z
"Bespoke" game marketing
Data analytics
Instant support
From consulting game ideas, and concepts, gameplay design, to development.
Design and develop games & gamification based on specific requirement of brands
Game in app; Playable ads; AR filter; Facebook instant game,...
Provide on-demand data to help marketers to track their customer behaviors
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Trusted by Big Brands

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With creative game designers and "top-notch" developers, Gamefox can customize any popular game for any brand's marketing campaign.
Puzzle collecting, Mascot collecting, Pokemon GO, City/House Building
Facebook and Instagram filters, AR games at the point of sale
Immersive interaction (AR-VR)
Brand's storytelling via the game
Story telling
Happy Farm, Happy Restaurant, Fighting Game, Challenge Game
Social game
Lucky Wheel, Lucky Draw, Slot Machine, Lucky Number Selection, etc.
Lucky draw
Temple Run, Gold Digger, Flappy Bird, Object Inspiration, 2048, etc. 
Skill based

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The medicine that can cure all marketers' headaches

Let's think of classic games like Flappy Bird, Piano Tiles, etc., which are so captivating that you can't help gluing your eyes to the screen. Gamefox assures that marketers can also do the same thing to increase customer engagement by using Games & Gamification. By creating good emotion, this method also helps enhance customer experience & as a result, raises brand awareness, brand love, and loyalty.

Engagement & Brand Awareness

Have you known that each person views from 6000 - 10,000 ads per day? Amid such a sea of ​​information, how do you make your marketing campaign stand out, creative and effective

Games & Gamification Marketing is the solution!
Marketers can get rid of the worries about making ads that no one remembers or rushes to ignore when there is Game Marketing. Instead of using Content Marketing, Video Marketing, or Audio Marketing like many other competitors are doing out there, what do you think if you use games as media to advertise your products? Let's do creative, unique, and high-quality marketing with Gamefox! 

Creative & Unique

2/3 of the Australians play games. Game is so attractive that people are willing to invest a lot of time and effort, even money in the game. Similarly, your customers can also repeat those actions with your brand when marketers apply Games & Gamification which helps easily drive user behaviors, thereby increasing conversion rates and revenue. 

Call to Action

Using Games & Gamification, you can proactively allocate gifts and vouchers to customers without worrying about going over budget. Simultaneously, through Games & Gamification, marketers can easily collect a huge amount of data which helps get insights for marketing activities.

Budget Management & Data Collection

Let's take a quick look!

Top "Bespoke" Game Marketing Designed & Developed by Gamefox


TPBank launches the game during the Lunar New Year holiday, with gameplay inspired by Northwest cultural traditions. Players will have to throw the "Còn" through the tree to receive points.
Tung Con Hung Loc
When releasing the new music video "Ha Nội Xịn", Rapper LK  used Game Marketing to create a social buzz on Facebook. Players will randomly select the attributes linked with Hanoi after clicking on the game and get the certificate of "Ha Noi Xin" (Authentic Hanoi).
Ha Noi Xin
Ca sĩ LK
In the middle of July, BAEMIN launched the game "Nuoi Ma Map" to increase app traffic, food orders and distribute vouchers to users. The gameplay requires players to practice avoiding the bomb and giving the right food to the ghost.
Nuoi Ma Map
Techcombank aims to increase its customers' CASA and improve engagement with the mobile banking application by launching the campaign: "Khai Le Dai Cat".
Khai Le Dai Cat
7 Eleven wanted to drive sales at its points of sale by using the game-in-app: Plinko - "Tha Van May, Trieu Qua Hay." Shoppers who meet the specific requirements can get turns to play right at the 7 Eleven stores and claim the gifts there.
Tha Van May
Trieu Qua Hay
7 Eleven
During the 2021 Tet holiday, VPBank stood out from other banking applications and marketing campaigns by deploying a game-in-app: "San Ho Vang," in which the users will choose the box to open and receive random gifts.
San Ho Vang
In the context of digitalization, SeaBank plans to design a game to encourage customers to use its services across all channels. The gameplay is simple, in which users would choose a red envelope to obtain random rewards.
Chon Li xi - Tron may man
Vinpearl adopted a social game on Facebook: "In 2021, you will". Playing this game, users will receive funny and random results for what will happen to them in 2021, which boosted the engagement of Vinpearl and its followers.
In 2021, you will...

VinCom aimed to deploy a new form of media to boost consumer connection, which is AR filter with funny engaging content combined with Vincom's brand elements.
What will happen to you in 2021? 

Gamefox's Product Development Process:

Briefing & Consulting
Clarifying client's requirements and consulting the appropriate game marketing solution
Propose concept, gameplay, visual style, quotation, and timeline
Proceed with the Wireframe, UI UX, and design gameplay as required
Integrate with client's data system
Testing & 
Test the product, send the demo to the client and get feedback
Optimization &
Adjust the product based on client's feedback and hand over
Provide operational support during the campaign
 Collect data and build campaign report

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